Don’t let Social Distancing keep you from your Loved Ones.

Don’t let Social Distancing keep you from your Loved Ones.

With more people self-isolating, feeling lonely is becoming a major concern during this global pandemic. Being physically disconnected from the people you hold dear can take a mental and emotional toll. However, in this age of the internet, staying connected from afar is now easier than ever. Even if you are not used to communicating through technology.

You or a loved one most likely own a mobile smartphone, such as an iPhone or an Android. Smartphones today are incredibly intuitive and simple to use. They even have voice recognition, which allows you to operate your phone, and send text messages simply by speaking.

Use Technology to Stay Connected.

While you can communicate with your loved ones via phone calls, there are many other ways to communicate. Text messaging has more features than ever before, including recording audio messages and communicating with emojis and images. Video calls are possibly the most effective way to stay in touch with family and friends. FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, and other apps allow you to be face-to-face with someone without leaving the comfort of your home. Video chatting has completely changed the way we communicate. Zoom and Skype are two of the most popular and user-friendly video chat apps available today.

During this time, you can utilize social media apps as a fun way to engage with existing passions and explore new ones. On Facebook alone, there are millions of online events, entertainment, and inspiration to be found. Other social media sites include photo-centric Instagram to keep up to date with friends, family, and people who inspire you. Text-based Twitter is used for news and updates on the go, or merely humorous posts to brighten up your day. LinkedIn can be used for those who choose to stay up to date on professional connections.

Instead of missing out on making memories, you can create them with others from afar. Many virtual game apps, such as House Party and Jackbox, can be played over video chat. Whatever method you use, video chatting is the next best thing to a genuine physical connection. We have listed a few fun ways to stay connected.

Virtual Activities

Playing Games

Playing games is a great way to stay connected while having fun, whether you live alone or have a family with children. You can play online games like Monopoly or UNO or gather your favorite board and card games and play them together via video chat during a virtual dinner party.

Virtual Dinner Party

We may not be able to eat together as we use to, but we can video call and have a meal together. You and your friends can either cook the same recipe or look for different versions of the same dish. See which one works best for you. While cooking, use video chat to discuss cooking techniques, your favorite meals, and the best cooking shows with your friends. You are likely to learn new tricks that you would not have known about if it were not for this virtual environment.

Stream Movies together

 When you are socially distancing, it may be impossible to go to the movies or invite friends over for a movie night, but there is a workaround. While on a video call, you and your friends can choose a movie to watch and then begin watching it at the same time. There are also popular apps, such as Netflix Party, that allow you to watch movies or TV shows at the same time.

Virtual Happy Hour

Many restaurants and bars are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but you can still enjoy happy hour. Grab a few beers from your fridge and call up your drinking buddies while you are practicing social distancing. This way you will save money and still be able to enjoy a drink while catching up with your friends.

Virtual Book Club

Now that you have more time on your hands, it is a great time to start a new hobby, such as reading. A virtual book club with friends and family is a great way to enhance your time in isolation. Grab a glass of wine or your favorite beverage of choice and discuss what you have been reading.

Tours through Virtual Reality

You probably had to cancel your travel plans with friends and family because of social distancing. However, with internet access, there are numerous ways to enjoy traveling to world-class destinations from the comfort of your own home. View the Louvre, the Vatican and the Palace of Versailles, and other landmarks and museums via free online virtual tours.

While it is critical to follow CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic by physically separating ourselves; now is not the time to overlook an important aspect of our well-being — social connection. Find the ways that work best for you, utilize the modern technology available to you. After all, we humans are social creatures.


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